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Transform your marketing spends through a suite of Generative AI solutions

Product Photography Generator

Save 100s of hours on planning and executing product shoots.

Creatives Generator

Auto generate creatives for social media, e-commerce and performance marketing.

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Personalization Engine

Use cohort/customer inputs to generate personalised creatives.

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Spend Strategizer

Generate optimized marketing strategies based on your goals, channels and budgets.

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Variations Generator

Generate variations of your creatives and A/B test them at scale.

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Built for Enterprise

Brand Guidelines Adherence

Your AI models are trained on your brandโ€™s guidelines to give you brand consistency - tonality, fonts, palettes, emotions, visual elements, etc.

Data Safety

The data and fine-tuned models are yours. Deploy them on your premise or on cloud.

Responsible AI

Our AI models are hyper-tuned to remove cultural bias, violence, NSFW and misuse.

Integrations with your technology platforms

Integrate our engine easily with your Customer Data Platforms and your marketing distribution channels.

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